The Background:
Following on from our successful campaign to address top queries from pregnant people, we turned our attention to the queries from  girls just about to enter puberty. 

The Brief:
When POME (Point of Market Entry) girls have worries or questions about their changing body, they often turn to Dr Google.

How do we address the 12 top-searched-for queries around periods, in a way the audience can relate to?

The Campaign: 
Girl Talk 2, a campaign that answers these top questions in a socially-native, engaging to the audience way. Accompanied by a set of native social 9:16 Insta quizzes and 6 second teasers we helped POME girls find the answers they are looking for. This campaign took an extra 6 months to produce due to the COVID pandemic, and resulted in a fully-remote shoot!

I creative-directed the whole campaign, from concept to managing the team, to storyboarding, animation & illustration, copywriting, director selection and pre-post production.

Below you'll see all 12 videos as well as the Insta-stories and a 6 sec version. The campaign was truly global, transliterated to 8 different languages.

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