As a late-diagnosed ADHD-er, together with my lived experience as a member of a marginalised community and having lived with depression and anxiety for most of my adult life, I aim to create a culture of open honesty. 

My mission is to ensure that help for anyone who is neurodivergent, or suffers with their mental health is not alone, and to share my journey, and helpful tips to all communities, without stigma.

DEI is not a strategy, it's a culture created and embodied by those with a desire to do good in the workplace, and the world.

My latest panel session for Neurodiversity Celebration week is here.
Read my thought pieces in LBB OnlineCreativeBrief, and with Creative Jam Sessions part 1 and part 2.

Speaking at a 2022 event by The Future is ND on Neurodivergent Leadership

During the pandemic, I co-founded the wellbeing.monks, a place to look after the mental and physical wellbeing of our UK office.

I run our Mental Health offering, with an always-on focus on Mental Health to give our colleagues diverse experiences to connect, as well as practical tools like mindfulness and goal setting to help with mental wellbeing. I have also spearheaded Mental Health First Aiders for the UK office as well as driving changes to our healthcare policy, meaning that every single monk has access to therapy.
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