I creative-directed the second phase of BMW's "Recharge in Nature Project" with a creative platform to share the progress of its partnership with National Parks UK through human and nature stories about the little things in the National Parks, drawing a parallel with the steps BMW are taking to create lasting change.

A suite of films has been created to highlight two key initiatives in Dartmoor and Eryri.

In Eryri, we focus on the Glutinous Snail. The film tells the story of how this tiny snail is now only found in Llyn Tegid. And how, through the partnership, BMW is funding natural flood defences to slow the overland flow of water that carries harmful phosphates into the lake, improving water quality for local communities and helping this endangered species thrive.

In Dartmoor, the spotlight is on one of the wellbeing initiatives – ‘The Community Engagement Programme’. A young girl is having fun on a ‘Minibeast Hunt’. As she examines a wood ant with a magnifying glass, the film explains how the programme gives local kids in Dartmoor a chance to fall in love with nature.

The films were shot in breath-taking scenery and microscopic detail by the BAFTA-nominated production company, and natural history specialists, Vision 3.

The campaign features films, a series of premium stills, and a suite of social assets from the initiatives in Dartmoor and Eyri, and will remain live as BMW funding continues to have an impact across the National Parks. The platform and films are shared via social media and an influencer campaign, web, video on demand, retailer and CRM campaigns.

In the first month of the campaign, we exceeded KPI's:
5.5 million+ VOD views and 7.5M+ impressions
166K+ YouTube views
5.4 million Meta reach
426K+ Meta views

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