The Brief: 
GSMA (a group representing the interests of mobile operators worldwide) asked MediaMonks for a creative solution to help policy makers understand the impact of their decisions.

The Solution:  
Create a virtual environment in web and VR where the impact of policy decisions can be more tangibly presented and understood by policy makers globally.

The experience presents a picture of a future urban environment – where mobile is delivering products and services. Within this urban environment, the user can then explore a number of stories that demonstrate the power of mobile. As each story is explored – the user will be prompted to engage with a set of questions about policy.

The ultimate ambition of the experience was to show the user how the realities of policy choice and how decisions taken today will impact the way in which we live and work in the future, as well as connect the audience to a story that highlights the human impact of policy decisions on the people that live in our society.

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